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A successful social media monitoring & analytics strategy will help streamline all of your brand’s mentions and searches. Our monitoring & analytics approach is to start with listing everything the brand wants to keep track of and how we will be responding to those messages and feedback given from the brands community.


Our goal with Social Media Monitoring & Analytics is to understand how to access clear overviews of the brands performance, and how to leverage data-driven insights to get strategy on-point, which is fundamental to any brands Social Media Strategy success. By measuring the brands content marketing efforts, we can optimize your strategy to improve profitability.



When insights are shared between the Social Media Manager and the company, it can be a real game-changer in the way that it provides accurate and clear social media analytics reports to leverage all the data-based results, to see what works and what doesn’t. Capturing this information, we are then able to adjust the brands' current strategy to make the necessary improvements.


Brand name, including common misspellings

All mentions, comments, reviews and direct messages

Posts at your location(s)



Industry hashtags, if applicable

Brand product names

 Reviews across various platforms

Posts that tag you in their photo



All the above repeated for a competitor


We listen in order

to understand.

Monitoring & Analytics
Tapas Restaurant

Monitoring & Analytics.

The importance of keeping track.

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