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The References.

Our clients thoughts.

Doing the work is half the job, the other half is making sure our clients see a big impact to their business from the services we provide them. Have a look at what some of our clients had to say about what we did for them.


Areena Riverside Resort

& Private Game Reserve

St. Francis

Brewing Company

"We gave Be Known Social Media the challenge of creating a social media presence for Areena Riverside Resort as well to create unique content.  They brought fresh ideas to life and created great content that spoke to our clients. They consistently kept our social media presence up to date and engaging with our consumers.  We had a marked increase in followers and our content was getting more and more shares and exposure. They created a style for our posts that we are very happy with."

- Carolyn Turnbull


African Perfection Guest House & Aloe Again Beach Accommodation

"Working with Be Known was both fun and satisfying. They brings a certain lightness into the room and infects any meeting with joy and sincerity. They are both professional and friendly, making it easy and wonderful to work with.

Part of the brief was to grow our following and in both instances Be Known succeeded. Each property attracts a different set of clientele and they read the situation and applied the correct tactics."

- Cheron Kraak


"The Be Known SM team are very talented and creative, their posts are always fun & funky, relevant & clear. They are also consistent & inspiring with their social media posts & engagement. They understood the market and brief of St Francis Brewing & Co., and because of it brought delightful energy forward to work with" 

- Lance & Linky Kabot




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