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Get your clients excied.


At Be Known we have a specialist videographer and editor with a knack for creating videos that not only inspire potential clients to use your services or buy your products, but also to give your audience a positive view of your brand, what you do and what you stand for.


01. Charter Itinerary.

Brief: Create a powerful and insightful video for Charter Itinerary to show potential clients exactly what they do and what value their product can add.

Charter Itinerary: Charter Itinerary™ is a powerful tool designed exclusively for yacht charter professionals. By streamlining the itinerary creation process, it will save you countless hours and allow you to produce premium, customized, and fully interactive itineraries for your clients in only a few minutes.

02. Our Pizza Place.

Brief: Our Pizza Place wanted a promotional video to showcase their core value of being a close-knit family bringing the high-quality handmade pizza and gelato, made with love to Fish Hoek, Cape Town.

Our Pizza Place: A passionate pizza and gelato restaurant leading their business by our core values – Family, Time, Transparency, Continuous Improvement and Communication. Their approach to business is to be able to create a shared value for the communities in which we operate and to do so in a sustainable manner.

03. Surfana.

Brief: The brief was to create a video of the weekend festival showcasing all the different activities that took place, as well as showcasing how this festival was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Surfana: A weekend with bands from all over the world, surf-focused, an array of workshops – films, art, good food and camp vibes are enjoyed in beautiful natural surroundings. What they love most, they’ve put together into a mind-blowing experience for all to enjoy. It’s a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness.


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